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Building Capacity in the Caribbean

CariCapacity believes Sustainability challenges and advances in technology present an opportunity to create lasting sustainable development in the Caribbean and other emerging economies.


To make this lasting change, CariCapacity taps into Diaspora networks and supports entrepreneurs to create technology solutions that can scale globally and make an impact on communities across the world.

To do this we connect entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and the Diaspora with knowledge and resources from around the world and provide investors with knowledge of the Caribbean Startup Ecosystem.

" Fostering home-grown clean-tech industries in developing countries can create a sustainable and wealth-producing sector of the economy while simultaneously addressing such urgent development priorities as access to clean and affordable energy, clean water and climate-resilient agriculture. "

Anabel Gonzalez

Senior Director, World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice

Building Technology Companies that can scale globally

Digital businesses can be started today by combining domain expertise (experts water management, energy and agriculture) with technical skills. 


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